Yummy, yummy gizzards.

I could not help myself. I had to know more. Just so we’re all clear on this, a gizzard is the “muscular stomach” of a bird. All birds, as well as crocodiles and certain fish, have gizzards. According to Wikipedia, “poultry gizzards are a popular food throughout the world”. Sold as street food in Haiti and throughout southeast Asia, gizzards are considered part of a complete fried poultry dish in Indonesia. So apparently, in Indonesia, if there’s no gizzard on the plate, you pitch a hissy fit and send your whole order back to the kitchen. (Editorial comment: whole parts of the globe are now permanently deleted from my travel future…)

chicken gizzards

chicken gizzards

For the toothless creatures who sport them, the gizzard is indubitably handy. As Wikipedia so aptly describes: “It can grind the food with stones that have been swallowed and pass it back to the true stomach and vice versa. Bird gizzards are lined with a tough layer made of the carbohydrate-protein complex koilin, to protect the muscles in the gizzard and to aid in digestion.” Tasty, yes? A word to the wise: don’t eat gizzards anyplace but Joe’s. That’s Joe’s Gizzard City in Potterville, Michigan. Seriously, you MUST click on this link:


Given my recent dental experience, who knows, maybe I should have more respect for the gizzard option. After all, you don’t see a lot of hens at the dentist, right?


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1 Response to Yummy, yummy gizzards.

  1. The Husband.... says:

    The photo of the chicken gizzards is enough to convert anyone to a vegetarian. I prefer to think that your chickens don’t really have one of these, that way we can just enjoy the way they look and bock-bock around the yard……

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