More angels.

I wrote yesterday about the various angels Dante encounters in Purgatory. It was apparently a snoozer, judging on the lack of comments and emails. As it turns out, the Divine Comedy is not exactly Comedy Central.

We, however, were visited by angels bearing gifts yesterday afternoon. Amber, her father and sister stopped by for a visit and brought us the most beautiful abalone-inlaid jewelry box from Korea. Such a treasure! And look at these angel faces:

Alix and Amber

Alix and Amber

The boys were then visited by the Angel of Humiliation, as we contrived a “photo shoot”, sort of a Still Life With Chickens. Since Daniel leaves to go back to school next week, we don’t know when the two will be in the same frame, or state, again, so we snapped a few photos as possible Christmas card howlers. The funniest part was watching them try to capture their chickens. Chickens are fast!!!

Chicken wranglers

Chicken wranglers

Then one of our favorite angels, Our Lady of Perpetual Sweet Rolls, stopped by. Granny has been feeling a bit under the weather for the past week , so it was nice to see her back in top form. We sipped wine in the chicken yard while all the girls free-ranged a bit.

Granny and friends

Granny and friends

And I received a visit from the Angel of Construction, who would be the Chicken Emperor himself. He built me a little ledge outside the coop entrance where I can set my coffee in the morning during the coop clean-up. What a guy!


Hope your day is filled with angels…

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to More angels.

  1. Chadd says:

    It should say “Granny and Chloho.”

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