More back to school, and small computer miracles.

Cousin Nick has matriculated at the United States Naval Academy. Nick hails from Sarasota, FL, where he distinguished himself as a tennis player and cellist. From what we’ve heard, he had a multitude of college choices, but chose the Naval Academy out of a desire to get a great education AND serve his country. We are so proud of him! Here he is with his sister, Laura, and mom, Jean.



I’ve been trying to post that photo for more than a week, but have had problems due to the fact that it was in .bmp format, which is not supported by What to do? A very brief Google search gave the answer. Here is how to convert .bmp files to .jpg on a PC:

1. Click Start, then All Programs, then Accessories. Locate the Paint program.

2. Open the photo in Paint

3. Click File, then Save. You have the option to save it in either .bmp or .jpg, so just click .jpg

4. Voila! You have converted the file from .bmp to .jpg

Yes, I know this is something any 9-year-old – or chicken – probably already knows, but I didn’t, and I’ll bet some of you didn’t either.

Would you like that in Pascal or DOS?

Would you like that in Pascal or DOS?

I made another interesting Google search discovery last night: TIME magazine’s 50 Best Web Sites of 2009. Everything you would expect is there, like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, but there were a number of sites I’d never heard of before. One of TIME’s favorites is California Coastline, a collection of 10,000 aerial shots of the 1,000-mile-long California coastline. I was unable to locate our home in any of the local shots, but there’s one of Hope Ranch Beach.

Hope Ranch Beach, from the California Coastal Records Project

Hope Ranch Beach, from the California Coastal Records Project

Another that caught my attention is, which allows you to type in ingredients you have on hand and then rewards you with a matching recipe. Let’s see. Since our refrigerator is now chickenized, we have meal worms, yogurt, wheat grass and some Brie. Canapes, anyone?

For TIME’s whole list, go to,28757,1918031,00.html. But don’t forget to check back here, as tonight is the screening of Mad City Chickens, and Polla Amiga and I will be there. Watch this space for a full report!

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3 Responses to More back to school, and small computer miracles.

  1. Katherine Gunther says:

    I suppose the chickens want to go into the Air Force.

    Supercook is my new addiction – thank you!

  2. Robert DiGaetano says:

    Chalk up yesterday to the list of memories Thomas has with his G’pa and Nanna.. great seeing you guys and thank you for the tickets, not that you can put a price on memories but the cherry on top yesterday was that our seats cost $195 per and we were right behind the $2500 seats per…and the row in front of us was empty! What can I tell you, makes me feel better….hahha. Please keep us up on how Nick is doing too, I want to take the family down to DC maybe next year and would love to take him out to lunch or stop by just to say hello if at all possible, its great having a long distance connection to the USNA….Thanks for adding us to THE blog – see you in Cali and remember – THE METS STINK!

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