Chicken headlines are popping up faster than you can say bawkbawkbawk. The CE circled an article in the Los Angeles Times for me yesterday, entitled “They’re laying eggs at an Oakland restaurant”. Chef-owner Charlie Hallowell of Pizzaiolo restaurant http://www.pizzaiolooakland.com/ has taken the concept of fresh food to a whole new level, building a chicken coop adjacent to his popular restaurant on Telegraph Avenue. In addition to providing fresh eggs for menu items, the chickens will be available for tete-a-tetes with diners who wish to amble over for visits in the coop.

Two of the resident chickens at restaurant Pizzaiolo in Oakland, CA

Two of the resident chickens at restaurant Pizzaiolo in Oakland, CA

A less welcome visitor might be the Health Department, which is likely to shut down the operation if it chooses to enforce codes prohibiting (live) chickens in Oakland hotels, apartments or restaurants. Hallowell is cheerfully optimistic, pointing out that liberal Alameda county permits residents to grow up to 70 marijuana plants. “Why not chickens?” he asks.

In Lafayette, Indiana, Gay-Ellen Stulp and Stephany Miskunas are asking the same question. Yesterday’s Drudge Report www.drudgereport.com had a link to a story entitled “Chicken underground emerges in Indiana” from the Lafayette Journal & Courier that details the efforts of Stulp and Miskunas to convince the Lafayette city council to amend an ordinance prohibiting chickens in that city. Ordered by the animal control department to deport their four hens, the women have collected more than 200 signatures on a petition to permit the keeping of pet chickens. The article touches on the “stealth” chicken movement throughout the country, whereby people living in areas where chickens are not permitted maintain “outlaw” flocks.  Stulp points out that “there are even ‘stealth’ coops that look like trash cans.”

Gay-Ellen Stulp and one of her outlaw chickens

Gay-Ellen Stulp and one of her outlaw chickens

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  1. Chicken Emparerarorrerir says:

    It was very ladylike of Chloe and Soho to invite us to such a fine lunch……

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