Everything is under control.

No, the weather has not improved, but Dizzy positioned himself at the Chunnel this morning, presumably to check passports, so we know that despite whatever other chaos reigns today, Chickenland will be in good hands. Or, rather, paws.

Have your paperwork ready!

Have your paperwork ready!

I read somewhere that placing a log in the chicken pen is akin to a home entertainment center for chickens. Let the log sit for a week or so, then turn it over and, voila! An entire metropolis of yummy bug treats will have sprung up for the chickens’ dining pleasure. The CE seized upon the idea and transferred part of our woodpile to the chicken pen yesterday, along with a chair that has quickly become their preferred roosting place.

Amelia, 10 weeks, happy to have escaped au vin

Amelia, 10 weeks, happy to have escaped au vin

Lily, 10 weeks

Lily, 10 weeks

That’s it for now. Off to get ready for a day of wedding festivities!

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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1 Response to Everything is under control.

  1. Chicken Emparerarorrerir says:

    I was there and Chloe did not make her do it…….

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