Nice rice

Awoke this morning to leaden skies. Yet again the gossamer tentacles of June gloom have reached into August and I would just like to petition the Czar of the Office of Climate Change (it’s my tax dollars, too, you know!) to kindly DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! It’s AUGUST, for goodness sakes!

typical sb fog

typical sb fog

Not once did the sun shine its rays upon us today. I heard there MIGHT have been a wink or two or sun elsewhere in town but that was probably just something they tell the tourists. I stayed at home with my chickens, fearful they would need me to knit leg-warmers for them.

Tart with soggy fog legs

Tart with soggy fog legs

Big project of the weekend – you probably knew it had to happen – reading my first copy of Backyard Poultry magazine. Yes, it slides right in there next to the New Yorker, New York magazine and Barrons. Other than that, there was some studious admiring of the Chicken Emperor’s latest accomplishment. In a burst of energy, he re-imagined the space adjacent to the coop and created a whole new work area. The man never rests.

better backyard poultry

Given that this was a sodden and uneventful day, you will understand that the biggest news I have to offer is that the chickens love rice. I took a handful of cooked rice over to them after we ate dinner tonight and they fell on me like a gang of pickpockets. I was reminded of the Maurice Sendak classic, which I read over and over to my boys when they were young “Chicken Soup with Rice”. If you know anyone under the age of five, you should share it with them. Read it once, read it twice, read them Chicken Soup with Rice…

Chicken Soup With Rice, by Maurice Sendak

Chicken Soup With Rice, by Maurice Sendak

Let’s just hope the sun comes out tomorrow…

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to Nice rice

  1. tina says:

    This is Evelyn’s FAVORITE book!

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