Rooster eats crow.

Another chicken story came my way yesterday. My physical therapist asked if I’d heard about the plight of Mr. Clucky, a rooster in Miami Beach,  Florida, who was featured on the Today show. Mr. Clucky is the pet of one Marc Buckley, who rides his bicycle with Mr. Clucky perched on the handlebars. Not-so-neighborly neighbors apparently complained about the arrangement, citing a city ordinance that prohibits the stabling of livestock. Unfortunately for Mr. Clucky and Mr. Buckley, the ordinance was upheld in court on Thursday, and Mr. Clucky is on the ropes.

A photo of Mr. Clucky from

A photo of Mr. Clucky from

It’s not over until the rooster crows, however. There is still time for a round of appeals, and citizens are flocking, so to speak, to Mr. Clucky’s cause. You can support Mr. Clucky at his web site,

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