“Chickens save the planet”

Speaking of tolerant friends, PollaAmiga (aka Pamela) is right up there. She has welcomed the chickens with enthusiasm, perhaps because, unlike other pets (R.I.P., dear Peaches) they have not yet pinned her to the ground.

Just be on your guard, Pamela. No telling what could happen!

Just be on your guard, Pamela. No telling what could happen!

At the rate they’re growing, an avian smackdown could be in her future, yet she bravely forges ahead, passing along breaking news items about the current national uptick in chickenkeeping households. According to the Economist (June 20, 2009) “chickens are having a moment” and “signs point to a bird surge”.


“Backyard poulty groups meet in at least two dozen cities, from Seattle in Washington to Tallahassee in Florida”, and the publication notes that many cities, in response to public pressure, have relaxed ordinances against keeping chickens.  Ever the journalist, she reports that the current issue of the publication has an article entitled “Plumage Power” about chicken feather being used to make internal combustion engines more effective. Her personal footnote:  “It sounds like chickens could save the planet!” You heard it here first.

Super chicken!

Super chicken!

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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