Good morning!

We had a Pasty Butt redux scare yesterday afternoon, so I was apprehensive when I came out to check on the chicks this morning. I heard no peeping at all when I came into the room, so was prepared for the worst. Fortunately, this was what I saw:


Everyone is bright-eyed and ready for the day to begin! I took the advice of sages on the BackyardChickens message board,, and mixed a bit of plain yogurt and instant oatmeal with the chicks’ food last night based on this recommendation from ThreeHorses, who came to my rescue in real-time on the message board:

“…mix 1/2 teaspoon yogurt in  1/2 cup of food.  You can even do a whole teaspoon.  Mixing that with their crumbles moistens them a little without exposing them to plain yogurt which quite a few birds don’t like the straight texture of it.

I like making a Glop of crumbles, a little egg yolk, a small dollop of yogurt, and water.  I make it to where it’s only slightly moist depending on what they like.  If they’re weak birds, I might mix pedialyte or vitamin/electrolyte treated water.  If I’m trying to improve their digestion, I might even use non-sweetened applesauce for older birds.  They love the taste and apple pectin is a brilliant PRE-biotic.  (Prebiotics nourish the beneficial living bacteria in a gut, encouraging their growth and spread and vigor.  Probiotics ARE composed of beneficial living bacteria meant to colonize the gut to nourish and protect a bird.  Antibiotics are, of course, chemicals used to kill bacteria – good and bad.)

Birds can have a little of the yogurt, although normally slightly lactose sensitive, because the good living bacteria that are injected back into yogurt after its pasteurization continue to process the lactose.  So we can give them some, just not loads all the time.  I just think of it in terms of what a cup of yogurt to us would be if we were their size.”

The food bowl was almost empty this morning! They loved the yogurt, and, best of all, all butts passed inspection.  Many thanks, ThreeHorses!

More yogurt, please!

More yogurt, please!

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