Fire update 5/9/09

Not exactly an all clear, but awoke to fog and drizzle this morning, so no worries about any fire advancing our direction. Need to remember to appreciate that come June when we’ll likely shiver through an entire month of fog here along the coastline.

Yesterday was a watch-and-wait day. Everything depended upon the wind and weather. We’re miles away from the actual fire but still had aIMG_0613

coating of ash in our driveway.

By yesterday afternoon we were cautiously optimistic after viewing the west flank of the fire from the La Cumbre Country Club parking lot, which has become the de facto vantage point for many residents this side of the freeway.IMG_0615

Our houseguests, human and otherwise, are hanging in there. See this for our moment of national news fame: The cat referenced in that story is Mr. Janx, who belongs to Julia. He spent the first night hiding under a bed, but now even he has decided a 8,000-acre wildfire is nothing he can’t handle. Way to go, Janxie!


Unfortunately, coop construction has been postponed due to all this; hopefully it will start late next week…

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