Eggs are not the devil unless you add mayo.

Somehow, eggs have come to  occupy the fifth ring of cholesterol hell.  It’s a bad rap for all but one quarter of the population who have high serum (blood) cholesterol, a high triglyceride level and are often diabetic. The other three quarters of the population can safely consume eggs and other cholesterol-containing foods without increasing their serum cholesterol levels.

Egg protein quality is so high that scientists often use eggs as a standard for measuring the protein quality of other foods. Whole eggs have a biological value of 93.7% , compared to milk at 84.5% and fish at 76%. For all the nutrients it contains – thirteen vitamins and an array of minerals – a large egg has only 75 calories and is equal in protein to an ounce of lean meat, fish or poultry.

deviled egg

The only way eggs come close to being the devil is when you start adding mayonnaise. Sometimes it feels good to be bad, so here’s a link to a recipe:

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